My performance has always borrowed material from reality. MY reality, with a twist added, is the core of my performance work. I've struggled with themes involving the insecurities of desire: To be liked, to be loved, to be admired by everyone; to be beautiful; to be younger and finally, trying to understand that none of all that can be changed. -----
I have been creating performance art since the late 70's, most frequently in art galleries, often in conjunction with the visual art on view, sometimes even using that art as my set. Before discovering Butoh, I came to performance art self-taught, from a visual art background rather than a theatrical background. People have always thought I was a dancer for I enjoy incorporating into my work the interplay of theatre and thought, movement and stillness. ----
I also do guerilla performances outdoors that deal with the moment & often require instant decisions and improvisation - an exciting charge that I love. I am much influenced by the Fluxus Movement and chance. I enjoy the interaction with the audience in ways not always visible that performance creates.